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Time flies

Faster than I believed. I just checked and the last article here is from February, 2021. Phuhh. Time really flies. I remember I had a lot of ideas what I will write about. The truth is that in April our second daughter was born and with her arrival, things became a bit unorganised; as expected. Tons of things happened since that, the memories flooding my mind now.
My older daughter, Lizi started the kindergarten and goes for a training twice a week; the smaller one, Mili runs and chit-chats all day long, expresses herself in sentences. They are smart, very kind and cute, both loves walking out after the Sun sets and it gets dark.
To be able to find the time for the exercises, my runs became more structured and much shorter, so I remained available during the day for work and the family. In July (2021) started doing calisthenics regularly (takes about half an hour), but at the beginning of this year I subscribed for a half marathon race and prioritised running over calisthenics. The race was good, my target pace was 5/km and I finished with a 5:08/km average.
In the summer I read a lot about bonsai and trees in general and last week we planted ~34 acorns with Lizi. Now we have 74 in soil in the house and on the attic. We’ll have a forest if they sprout :D

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